pátek 10. února 2012

February, 10th

Friday! That means only thing: perfect day! I had delicious pancakes with raspberry marmelade!  I was at James Dean´s diner bar in Prague, again. Mmm, I drunk very tasty american lemonade.
And now, one of my favourite:

čtvrtek 9. února 2012

February, 9th

I baked apple pie this morning. I haven´t tasted it yet. It doesn´t look so bad. Afternoon was more lazy, I saw another great movie: Rebel Without A Cause with James Dean who is pretty hot! And the evening? I tried to do something for my health. So I visited swimming pool. I feel much better. I´m just a little dry. I will put on some strawberry cream and watch some movie. Have good night.

středa 8. února 2012

February, 8th

I was at hairdresser. It turned out that I´m about 6 cm shorter and about 6 cm sadder. I improved my mood with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Looking back...last 5 days

I have holidays so I met my best friend Nina,her site . We watched so many movies, about 15. For example: The Birds (A. Hitchcock), Play It Again Sam (W. Allen) and new movie Carnage made by Roman Polanski in a great cinema in Prague. We also were in amazing bar/restaurant/music club inspirated by James Dean and Marylin Monroe. That is heaven on our planet.
Last day, we met our friend Annie from the same village as we live. She is beginning photographer. That means the only one thing. We have great photos!

Nína (blonde), Me (brunette)

My (NO)Secret Diary!

I´m starting with my new site right now! Hope, you´ll like it. I live usual life, but i want to share you things, which are interesting as it possible. Let´s celebrate that with Carribean Pineapple drink.
How you can make that? Here´s a recipe:
 1 part Malibu coconut rum
 3 parts pineapple juice
Pour ingredients over ice an garnish that with maraschino cherry.